date night

Date Night.


No friends.

Just you two.


Same night, once a week for the rest of your life.

I can hear the complaints through the internet!  Get real people!  You want a good marriage, you can’t be slumping on the couch!  Get up and get going!

The idea of Date Night is one that should ring FUN into your head.  If it doesn’t – you are the perfect couple to start this right away!!  Don’t wait. Call him, call her! Go!  Now!

There are 3 very strict rules:

1) No talk of Kids.
2) No talk of Money.
3) No talk of Work.

What are we going to talk about????  Exactly!!!

Member when you used to have fun? Member when it was only the two of you?  And you fell in love??

Then reality set in and life got messy.

Watch Gary Newman’s video – it sums it up pretty well!