It was the weekend and I was looking for an adventure!

When a friend invited me to go to Go Kart World in Carson, CA I was actually nervous.  Could I ride these carts?  Would I crash?  Could I die?

Nope!  I was going through a rough time and nothing pulls you out of “stuck” then pressing the pedal of a gas smelling fireball to the floor and flying around a track with other speed demons on your tail, as you grip the wheel fearing for your life but secretly embracing and loving that your life will never look the same!  Quite soon I was over my fear as the opportunity to ‘fly’ around the track faster and faster presented itself!

laurie mcdermott at Go Kart WorldAnd…as you can see….I had no fear as I passed by car after car with a smile plastered on my face!

Like a kid being tossed in the air by Grandpa, I couldn’t get enough.  “Again!”  “Again!”  “Again!”  We rode the same track over and over and over.

When I left…it was as if I’d had sex for hours.  I was mentally and physically exhausted and I was smiling.

Go Kart World has 4 large tracks (you wouldn’t know it from the freeway when you pass!) but it’s so big and there is so much to do.  And the food isn’t bad either.  Pizza?  Yum!  Pretzel?  Yum!  Cocktail?  No.  No booze here.  You are driving!  Ha!

For what you get the prices aren’t so bad either.

Bottom line:  If you want to enjoy a different experience or if you need to just blow off some steam, this Laurie McDermott in Go Kart Worldis the place to hang!  Something fun and different in Los Angeles?  See you next weekend!