Should I Send Flowers?

flowers for Laurie McDermott

I hate to admit it.  But I was once a girl that hated flowers.  I know.  It sounds horrid.  But that was me.

Well…in the past….I loved getting them when I was single and the promise of flowers was love and fun with a perspective man.

But then I got married and the cost of “my” flowers appearing on the credit card bill that I was paying just took the romance away.

So I flat out asked my man, “Don’t send me flowers…”

And guess what?  Like a good husband…he listened!

What a mistake!  What an idiot!  I was an idiot!

How did I finally come to this realization?

flowers for Laurie McDermottIt was so fast and quick.

I was in the hospital for an infection from medication….and daily,  several times a day there’d be a delivery of flowers to my room.

So much so that the nurses commented that I had a lot of boyfriends!  Truth was, every time the UPS guy (I think he was UPS…he had shorts and was adorable) walked in with a grin and another batch of flowers, I cried….tears of joy.  Who were these nice people that sent me flowers?  People, dear, dear friends that took time out of their day and money out of their pockets to make a phone call to a flower company that sent me flowers (and some other stuff!) to make me feel better?  It was enough to fill up the tube (that was up my nose and into my stomach) with ‘stuff’ that only comes when you cry!

Laurie McDermott hotel visit flowersEvery day I’d stare at the flowers (best I could…there were alot of drugs involved in making my stay more relaxed) and look at the signed cards of love, inspiration and hope.   Even one of the nurses sent me flowers for a mistake she made and verbally apologized for (I really didn’t notice or care) but she did and flowers were sent to me from her!  What nurse does that!?

All in all, I have learned my lesson….I love flowers.  I love getting them (and giving them to others too -I never stopped sending flowers!) and will never feel the way I did before.

What does it say at the top of this page????  Life is short….don’t screw it up (well it says more) …but you get the idea!

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