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I have three kids….they drop crap everywhere…as do I.

It was only after I bought some plaques about “Life…marriage…trust…family” that Lisa Oberst, the queen of designing the inside of your home, entered my life.

My biggest problem I needed help with?

5 frames…..all of which I had planned on hanging with my husband all over the house.

Lisa saw another place for all of them!

What?! All of them in one place?  I wasn’t sure.  In fact I was nervous.  I didn’t really like the idea at all.

5 minutes later, Lisa had cleared a large photo of my family and stood before a freshly blank wall on a ladder with nails, blue painters tape and a tape measure.

My wall from LIsa Oberst“Trust” I told myself over and over.  “Give it up….this woman knows what she is doing.”

Sure enough when she was done creating this collage of photos and these new wonderful plaques….she looked at me and said, “What are we doing about your island?”

I turned to look at my island. What was wrong with it?

“Too clutter-y.  You have too many photos on here.  How can you be creative and breathe with all this clutter?”

It wasn’t too bad…but I could see her point.  I gave up control and understanding to her once more….”Okay…my wall looks great….go for it…I’ll do whatever you tell me…”


Lisa worked with me for 4 hours.  Moving from the hall to the kitchen and to the shelves in my living room.  She even went so far as to lowering the position of my family clock on the wall..and putting a “Live, Love, Laugh” sign above the clock that I had somewhere else!

Lisa Oberst is beyond amazing.  She is just so extremely good at design..and is doing it full time (thank God!)  I’m not sure where I would be without her!

Lisa has this uncanny vision and can not only see her vision, but implement it so that your home looks like it’s a model home.
IMG_2732Yes….my home looks amazing.  Beyond amazing.

And I only have Lisa Oberst to thank.

I’m so glad I know her and had her help.

And my life….is just like my home….clear, open and ready for whatever is coming next!

If you have clutter, need to hang something, need to redo a room or fix a room, or are just having trouble decorating or figuring out a room….Lisa is the one to call.

Lisa Oberst Design


IMG_2723 IMG_2715 IMG_2718 IMG_2724 IMG_2730IMG_2731Lisa Oberst This is your future designer! Lisa Oberst!