How To Find Happiness…


How to Find Happiness?

Big question going around everywhere these days.  People may not be asking it outright to strangers…or even those they love, but the wonder…”Why am I not happy…”

Then they blame things or others.

A house: “This house is not making me happy…I will get a new house and be sad every time I walk into this one…”

A Job:  “This job sucks…and maybe that’s why I’m not happy…if I had a new job, I’d be happy…so while I’m at this one I’m going to be a dick…”

A marriage:  “My spouse is horrible.  They used to make me happy and now they don’t.  It’s their fault I’m not happy.  So I’m going to go find someone else because then I’ll finally be happy.”

Where is happy?  Where is our happiness?  How do we get it?  How do we find it????

Is it at work?  At the gym?  In the mall?  Is it something you buy?  Obtain?  Gather?

People search for it.  They claim to desire it.  They want it.  But where is it?

Can you call someone to get it?  Or give it to you?  Is Happiness gained from another person?  Other people?

Or is happiness right in front of you, maybe so deep inside your own person, that you can’t even imagine it’s even there to access it?

Think about it.  The happiest people you know aren’t happy because something or someone else gave it to them…they just woke up that way.  They decided to be happy.  They chose to believe they are happy in their minds.  They tell their minds that they are happy and their mind agrees.

Charles R Swindoll “Grace Awakening” says, “Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% what I do about it.”  So if you are running out of money, your spouse is cheating on you and your adorable dog keeps shitting on your side of the bed…that’s shitty…but that’s just 10%.  The other 90% is 100% you!  What are you going to do about the crappy 10%?   Run?  Hide?  Freak out?  Yell?  Scream?  Hate everything?

Or are you going to realize just because things are bad doesn’t mean you can’t be happy.  The crappy is only 10%.  Now you get the other 90%.  Your choice.  Your game.  What are YOU going to do.  YOU.  You can choose to put that 90% into a negative hopeless pile of anger and why-me frustration or put it into a positive.


Spin it.  Think of all the shit…or think of the good.  Maybe as you overlook the smelly poop, you see the two kids you gave birth too staring at the poop too…and you realize how lucky you are to have given birth to two healthy babies when others don’t have kids or have kids that are sick or don’t live with them.  You see your spouse is cheating but he or she helped make these babies…and that is a sweet gift.  Maybe the money situation is crappy too, but you look at your house and think, I may not know where my next meal paycheck is coming from but I am healthy and alive and I’m lucky to have what I have.

It’s all perspective.  What you think about you bring about.  Think doomsday – you get dark…think beauty and that’s what you see.

Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, she went looking for a way to get home when she had the ability to get there the whole time all by herself.  Imagine if you realized right now that you had the power to be happy.  All by yourself?  Just because of what you thought about and the perspective you saw and felt in your mind.

People think other people will bring them happiness or make them happy.  Danger Will Robinson!  You are the only person responsible for your own happiness.  Sure others can upset you or bring you down but if you are happy on the inside, no one can destroy that.  No one.  Only you.

Many religions say you are born with everything you need.  Sure we need stuff here and there but really do you need a new car when the one you have is doing just fine?  Do you need the new iPhone 9 when the 4 works perfectly?   Will having either of them make you happy?  Maybe for a few days…or weeks…but a lifetime?  No, you’ll need something new to keep this made up happiness going!

Here is the bottom line: You want to be happy?  Right now?  Look around where you are and feel satisfied with what you have.  Be grateful.  The computer in front of you?  (cool!)  The bed you are sitting on?  (yeah!) The cat sitting next to you?  (smelly! but cute!)  How many friends do you have?  1?  80?  Everything you have in your life (be it tons or a perfect amount) is just what you need to be happy from the inside out.

If you don’t want to be happy, start thinking everything you don’t have or that is wrong in your life or that you are missing out on, and you will be miserable.

Which makes you feel better?  Which makes you feel happier?

Get it?


Now stop complaining and good live a happy life.  By choice.  Yours.

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