Want Revenge? Try Karma


Want revenge?  Try Karma.  Don’t be a jerk or a dick or a bitch.  Do absolutely nothing.  Karma will take care of it.

A few weeks ago I was at work when one of the ‘bully’ boys (boys who say mean things to me/anyone) said a few unkind words to me.  I was just about to respond, but had enough time to think about Karma and instead, said nothing.  Nothing.  I stood beside him finishing my job and walked away headed over to another guest.  As I trailed away, he made another comment about me to which I barely heard.  A few moments later I returned to the spot where I had left the ‘bully’ boy and saw the mess.  After I was out of the room he’d dropped an entire tray of drinks on himself leaving a huge pool of sodas on the floor.

I saw the mess and looked around for anyone who would remember what had just happened not only 4 minutes earlier.  I wanted to yell, shout, rejoice in glory: “The bully was mean to me and look what happened!”  but instead I quickly and quietly thanked God.  I didn’t have to retaliate, someone bigger has my back!

karmaI had a friend who cheated on his wife.  Often.  She never knew till the end, but as he did his ‘bad things’ he knew what he was doing.  I watched while her life continued to thrive and great things kept happening to her, and was amazed at how quickly his world went downhill.  He lost his job, his mojo and soon he was dating a stripper.

That’s a strong example.  But he had the choices and he made the ones he thought was right for himself.

Same thing happened last year with a horrid manager I worked with.  Her name was Jamie and she was the type of manager who, when she decided she didn’t like you, she made your life hell.  And since I’m a girl and she’s a girl…well…that answers many questions as to why she treated me so poorly.

While it didn’t make sense, she never got to know me before she just decided she just didn’t like me…and made my life hell. For the 4 months we worked together she’d take actions that not only confused me, my mouth was visibly on the floor.  Others began to notice her treatment to me and said, “Do something. Tell her manager.  Go to the union.”

I thought about it.

revenge on someone is karmaI thought about it often.  I even began a journal.  I wrote pages and pages of her injustices to me on a daily basis.  But I never shared it or told anyone.  I just shut my mouth and did my job well.  Very well.  I had yelp reviews and almost all of the other employees and mgrs really liked working with me.  But not her.  She hated me.  And maybe because so many others liked me, she hated me more.

Then came the day that she walked up while I was clocking in and said to me directly, “Today is my last day…I’m sure you are happy…”  I almost wet my pants.  I looked at her in the eyes and just smiled.  I was relieved, exhausted over the stress and so happy that the one thing I hated about my job was finally going to be gone, that I think I started to laugh.  Maybe even cry out in joy.  I don’t remember.  It’s actually a blur but the feelings I had of joy come flying back to me when I think about that morning at work.

The best part of this whole situation with her?  I didn’t have to do anything.  I didn’t complain, bitch, fight with corporate, nothing.  I let Karma do it’s thing.  Apparently I wasn’t the only one she didn’t like or that didn’t like her.  Others had gone with complaints to the big bosses and she’d be fired.

That pleased me.

A man I know (from work) has been mean to me ever since I met him.  He may not actually be mean…but he takes advantage of me, my smile and my kindness.  What he does it cry out that “She did wrong…” when not only did I not do wrong, but he did and blames me.  And the rest of the employees hear him and believe that it was indeed me who did wrong.  He has great craft and manipulates the situation so that it LOOKS like it was me who screwed up.  It’s scary and mind boggling.  Sometimes he’s so good at making the story work to his favor that I often doubt myself as to the fact that maybe its true?  Maybe he’s was right…I screwed up?  Then when I have time to think about it…I’m blown away at how good he is.  I try to speak up but I’m quieted.  He’s the good guy.  The good one.  He does extra work (and he’s good at it) but when he goes to battle with something I’m a part of, I lose.  I hope and pray Karma will find him and all will be good.  But it hasn’t happened yet.  Yet.  But the thing about Karma…?  You can’t rush her.  Time.  Time will tell.

Karma works.
I love Karma.

Best part?  Keeps me doing the right thing.  And that alone is a great reason to believe in Karma.