How To Win War? Be Kind.

good over evil

“We may lose many battles along the way, but if we remain on the side of that which is good, in the end we win the war.”

Who said this??

I have no idea, but I heard it and it touched me so deep, that I wrote it down.

Someone once told me, “It’s more fun and exciting when you are on the side of bad.”

Maybe.  For awhile.  But in time, even that brings it’s own hardship.

Being kind, especially when others are so mean, is sooooo hard.

Last year I had a boss who was evil.  I’m pretty sure her middle E initial was given to her from her parent’s prediction of her fate.

She was mean.  She was a bully.  And she was short.

I’m short.  But I towered over her at least 4 inches.

When we met she hated me.  Was it my smile and positive attitude?  Maybe.  She seemed to have one goal and that was: make Laurie miserable.

Or so I thought.  Over time I realized….that was who she was and it had nothing to do with me.

She disliked me so much she spread a few rumors and even stopped putting me on our work schedule.

There were lies and deceit.  And all the while I was sure there was something I had done wrong.

At one point I even thought of trashing her on Google.  (That was the evil side of me.)  A fantasy I knew I’d never be able to face or sleep with if I’d made such a cruel decision.  I also truly believed…when you are good…good comes…when you are bad…it may not come today, or tomorrow or even in the near future…but it will come…because good always wins.  Always.

good over evilIn the end, I walked into the story and apologized for anything I may have done to upset her.  To which she grinned and said, “Thank you!  I knew you’d say that to me!”

I walked away happy that I had apologized just to make peace.

Nothing changed for almost a year….then I got a text.

“She’s gone.”

What?  What happened??

Apparently she wasn’t very kind to others either.  Her ego and attitude rubbed so many other employees the wrong way that others had quit and top management finally took note and fired her.

First employee fired ever from the company.

And I did nothing but wait and watch and hope good trumped all.

Patience works.

Good prevails.


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