technology with old people

What do you do when your kid sets your front iPhone picture from a nice family shot to a oreo cookie?
I don’t know how to change it back!

Or like when he set my ring tone to heavy breathing that said, “Huuuuhhhh…huuuuuhhh…Pick up the phone….”

Is that a sign of creativity or mental problems?

I so fear that I’m turning into my parents.  The ones who (years ago after opening my new invention give-it-a-try-just-for-fun gift) yelled at me , “RETURN that answering machine thing immediately!  I will never use it! What a waste of money!”

Only a few years ago, during an adult party we were forced to wake up my 13-year-old because we didn’t know how to turn on the Wii to play “Just Dance!”

Or when I need anything changed on my phone, I instantly call one of my kids to help me figure it out.  Two of whom are so young they do not even have a phone yet!

Am I just too busy?

technology with old peopleDo I not care?

Maybe I’m too busy to care?

I was in the Apple store just last week and heard they were looking for new team members.

I came home with the website address to apply for a position and was met with jeers of laughter.

“Are you crazy?”

“You are too old, Mom!”

“You have to be smart to work there!”

Wait.  What?  I’m a college grad!  I went to Graduate School!  I even made the Deans list 7 out of 8 times!  And I can do any Sudoku puzzle in record time!

But turn on the TV once someone was playing Xbox….welll…hmm….I guess as long as I have children or people younger (smarter tech wise) than me hanging around, life is good.

Or at least running well.