Gary Newman Advice on Marriage Moments

Gary Neuman Moments

Gary Neuman is a marriage expert that’s appeared on TV tons of times.

I’ve always thought of him as a good, kind, sweet guy….and really wonder what his wife is like too!?

Today he sent out something I thought was really cool to pass on…because I too agree that life is about “moments.”

That once they come, they go and that all you have is RIGHT NOW!

Make the most of these moments because tomorrow- the moment and maybe even you – may be gone!

Here’s what Mr. Gary Neuman had to say:

How Do You Just Let Go?
Life is about moments. Unfortunately, we often let the special moments pass. Loving another is about being in a moment in the present together, stopping yourselves and appreciating what you have and what you have done to get there. I always find it interesting that people say how they want their spouse to be there to have support in dark times. They forget that we need our spouse in the good times just as much. What is the blessing of a beautiful sunset without holding the hand of your soulmate? Is experiencing life together the highs and the lows, That creates a unique tapestry of a married life well lived. Make it a point to see many beautiful things together regularly. Call to your spouse to be in a moment with you and appreciate beauty together as one. –M. Gary Neuman

Gary Neuman Moments

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