Beat Cancer by Attitude

the evil of cancer

Beat cancer by attitude!  Cancer is not the end.  Kill it with your mind.  Don’t give in.

Yesterday I sat with a woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She is older.  Almost 70.  But she is extremely healthy and (if I may add) very wise.  Yet this had her confused.  No one in her long list of elders had been sick or had “cancer.”  They died of old age, not some ailment.

the evil of cancerJust saying the word “cancer” brings sadness to face as her eyes welt with tears, “I can’t believe “I” have this breast cancer….for years I’ve been saying positive words to those who have had cancer and now…it’s me?”  She cried some more.

She didn’t learn about her cancer from just going in for a test.  Nope.  She hadn’t been to the doctor in 30 years…and out of the blue, perhaps a “God Wink,” or God Luck, she just happened to catch her reflection of the side of her left breast…and there was a dark patch…almost like an indentation.

What is that?”  She asked her husband.

He didn’t know but the typical man was sure of one thing, “You’ll be fine…it’s nothing…”

The next day she went to the doctor and sure enough, she was glad she did.  Only now she still is in shock…how did this happen to her.

“Hey, it’s a common thing…AND at least now you can get a boob job!”

No.  She’s over caring what she looks like – because God will take her home with one boob just fine.  AMEN!

I was still trying to change her perspective, “But you only have stage 2.  You are lucky.”

Her eyes widened and she nodded.

“Yes…I’m lucky…it could have been much worse…”

She’s scared of what is coming.  The pain…the chemo…the missing boob.  I agree.  And will not only pray for her but when she’s getting chemo, I plan on sitting next to her and reading her the series of books on “God Winks”…out loud.

Cause when there is pain, that’s really when it’s nice to remember God is always there.

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