appointments with heaven best book on life after life

Appointments With Heaven is a Great book!  Life changing read that is Interesting, warm, heart-felt and leaves you feeling amazingly positive about where you are going after we all leave here.

Reggie Anderson is a regular guy who is in tune with the things most of us only wish we could feel, see or understand.  This guy, this doctor, just ‘gets it.”

Read this book…or better yet, listen to this book.  I do audible.  Click here to get Appointments With Heaven on Audible.  Once I started and couldn’t stop.  I looked forward to hearing the rest of the story.  Reggie’s story.  From his childhood to present day.  Reggie has experiences told is such vivid detail you have no choice but to believe him.

If you are struggling in life with relationships or with (or without God), or if you just want to live a better, happy life, “Appointments With Heaven” is a must read. Period.  There are not enough words to describe how much I loved this book.


Also – if anyone knows how I can reach Reggie Anderson and get an interview with him….please let me know.  It would be an honor to talk to him.

Then if you want more on heaven…try “Proof of Heaven.”