Icon Flavor Flav Visits Rock & Brews


Flavor Flav, Musician, Artist and Comedian Stops By Rock & Brews at SouthWest Terminal 1.  He was easy to spot!  The girls came running and wanted a photo.  Then, as usual, guests wonder, “Who is that guy?” and why is he taking a photo with those girls?

Very soon a crowd gathers and chaos happens.

No…not really.  Not at all actually.  No one noticed.  No one cares.  (much like my experience with LMFAO) People are at Rock & Brews to eat, drink and enjoy themselves.  They see celebrities all the time.  When they see one they may take notice or even say hi.  But most of the folks in Los Angeles are trying to be cool themselves!  So they ignore the famous (because they want to look like they are famous) and just go about their day, even though they may be staring outside their left eye or freaking out inside.

flavor flav hits Rock & Brews terminal 1 at SouthwestBut not everyone is too cool to ignore someone famous.  Not these three!  Karin, Val and myself got a little giddy as we begged for a photo.  Actually, none of us begged, we asked and he said okay.  Done. Photo opp hello!

In LA, at LAX, always have your camera on!  And your ego in check.

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