How To Keep Out Negative Energy


How to keep out the negative energy?  Don’t let it in!!

When the negative feelings come…you can almost feel it.

If you are paying attention.  (Are you paying attention?) Maybe it’s a warm feeling in your neck?  An annoying flick on the side of you head?  Or maybe it’s an intense feeling where nothing else matters. All you can think about is how co-worker “dickhead” just mistook your breathing for contempt.  If you see it coming…stop it.  Change your perspective.  Change your thoughts.

Negative energy is everywhere.  Don’t fall victim.  Stay positive.

I hear you say, “But it’s so hard…I want to crush them…”

But you can’t.  You know you can’t.  If you do…you know what happens.  Karma.  If you retaliate, you mess with Karma.  And what happens when you mess with Karma?  Yeah…the negative comes right back to you.   For example, take $10 from someone, lose $50 randomly.  Be mean to someone, expect heartbreak.

negative feelingsMaybe it’s all a bunch of hogwash…but enough has happened to me in my young teens and twenties that I stay clear of wrongdoings as much as  possible.  That doesn’t mean I don’t get the completely real feeling I want someone to die of internal bleeding…right in front of me.  But it does mean, those angry thoughts of revenge fade quicker when I remember how Karma will destroy a good thing in my life.  And then, I’m able to find a way back to either forgiveness or understanding.

Even if I have to make it up.

“That guy nicked the side of my car when he cut in front of me and then drove off because his mom was dying.  I feel sad for him.”  Again…my imagination may be a bunch of ass, but it leaves me not feeling anger while my head and heart can move on quicker to a place of love, forgiveness and…the reality that I have so much more important crap to do than worry how I’d like someone to die a slow painful death.

If you are living consciously, you will see it in action.  Often.  If you aren’t paying attention, all you see is “I have such bad luck…why do bad things keep happening to me?”

So the way to keep that negativity, those bad ass thoughts that keep climbing into your brain the minute you feel an injustice, relax.  Stay positive.  And hope Karma does it’s thing without involving you.