Two Rules When You Take Kids To Amusement Parks

Meg Dillman at Disneyland

This is simple…

Meg Dillman at Disneyland1) Don’t go with an odd # of humans, or one of your kids (or you!) will be sitting solo on every ride.  The fighting alone is worth the price of another ticket for a strange kid not related to you.



Cotton Candy at Disneyland2) Food.  Bring at least $30 to buy crap food your kids will want and you will hate saying “No” to.  Cotton Candy at $8 is a crime but so is the ticket that got you into the place!  So bring the extra cash, pretend you are in Vegas and all your money will be lost on slots but you’re going to enjoy the fun because it’s about where you are and who you are with not what money you lose!



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