Girlfriends Rock!

Girlfriends Rock!If you are a girl you know, Men come and go, but good girlfriends?  They are the glue in your life.

They make you laugh when you are sad, they make you sure when you have doubts.

I love my girlfriends even more when I know they aren’t perfect because then we get closer and laugh about our ridiculous faults. (We are all a screwed up somewhere!)

When you face trouble, girlfriends become angels.  I have seen and met many angels wearing the disguise of ordinary women living ordinary lives.

When you meet one, you will know it.  If you are lucky to have many of these women in your life….just be thankful…to them…often.

And take time to go out and connect with them at least once a month!!!

Because when you all share your troubles with each other….you see firsthand….everyone is faced with the same problems!   (ha! It sucks but it’s how we get through!)

Laurie McDermott Girlfriends