What Type of People Don’t Cheat On Spouses

cheater husband
cheater husbandDavid, a married husband of 2, is an expert on cheating.  He left his first wife after he had an affair and now his new current wife is having an affair on him.  David is quick to say, “If you and your spouse are fighting it reassures the cheater that he/she has made the right decision to cheat.  If you are getting along well, the cheater feels guilt, which explains why the cheater goes out of their way feel anger toward their spouse and often instigates arguments.”
The most content group of men and women that do not feel compelled to cheat are the ones who are passionate about life, God and or discover selfless ways to give back to others and their communities.  Perhaps these imaginative, fulfilling outlets provide “affair protection” because these people see the world as bigger than their minute problems and keeping their marriage stable is a breeze compared to the chaos of humanity.

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