The Evil Trees

My neighbor has trees.  It sounds like a disease and trust me, it looks like one too.

They are nice trees in that they block me from seeing my neighbor naked (should he choose to walk around his home that way.)

On the other hand they are horrid trees because they are ficus:  their roots run deep, ruin pipes, and they grow like weeds.

My neighbor takes care of his trees.  He has them cut twice a year.  On HIS side.  Yes.  He’ll have the trees trimmed so that the trees don’t damage his house.  But what’s left hanging over the fence on my side…he leaves alone  (leaves?) (funny)

It looks ridiculous and bugs me to no end.

The city allows you to cut any tree that hangs on your property but if you touch a neighbors’ tree and it dies, you are responsible.

What?  Ugh.

So the mess sits.

Ficus trees hanging into yardFicus Trees out of controlIMG_1860

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