29 Activities To Do at Tradewinds Island Resort In Tampa Florida


29 Activities to do at Tradewinds Island Resort in Florida.

Taking a Florida vacation with your kids and family and don’t want to do DisneyWorld?

This year visit St Pete’s Beach West of Tampa to discover a slice of heaven so fun your kids will not want to leave.

Tradewinds Island Resorts is the BOMB.  Go direct to the Florida hotel or book your vacation through special rate vacation packages. But either way, do it.  Get out there.  Your kids will not be this young forever.  Now is the time to make memories!!

Here are the 29 fun activities to do on the properties.  I say properties because there are TWO.  Two Resorts.
Read more about visiting Florida and the TradeWinds Island Grand Resort vs Guy Harvey Outpost

  1. They have Ping pong.
  2. Tetherball.
  3. Mini golf.
  4. Play bags.
  5. Hot tub
  6. Surf the waves!
  7. Volleyball
  8. Chess.
  9. Feed fish & frogs.
  10. You can Play Tennis.
  11. Paddleboard.
  12. Or Pool games.
  13. Make S’mores.
  14. Get a mani/pedi!
  15. Play Hook & Ring.
  16. Visit the activity desk – they have surfboards, balls, games/toys and cold iceeeees and the sign ups for….The Island.  (Inflatable playground on the water)
  17. Nightly watch the Stunning sunsets.
  18. Relax on the lawn chairs.
  19. Swing on a Hammock.
  20. Have a cocktail by the Firepits!
  21. Exercise at their nice gym.
  22. Karaoke!
  23. The rolling ball
  24. Slide down the beach Slide.
  25. Visit the Touch tank – at Guy Harvey
  26. Do happy hour.
  27. Jump on the trampoline…
  28. Eat At RumFish and see the 33,500 gallon fish tank built by Animal Planet’s hit show Tanked.
  29. Swim with the fishes. swimwithourfish.com

Do NOT miss the below video!!! Sums the whole thing up nicely!!