I was having severe chest pains just upon seeing the total cost of renting a car for 10 days for my family.

When my husband’s co-worker suggested “Sixt” I was scared.  (Not “oh my goodness I’m going to be murdered scared” just an “What if I get to the airport and the car they give me is a buggy with no roof” scared.)

Who is a Sixt?  What is a Sixt?   And the name…really?  Sixt?  Say it out loud and I may be teased for lisping.  And did they want not to be FIRST instead they want to be Sixth …like in line?

But being the daredevil I am (well…being the money conscious chick down to my soul) I booked it (online – they only take reservations online) (another ‘scary’ thing – TRUSTing the reservation really worked and someone knows I want a car)

When I got to Orlando, I asked where they were and was directed to a phone on one of those boards you use when you want to call a hotel to come get you.

I pushed the button and was told by a recording to go outside to a certain number at my gate and wait.


Again…no human.  More trusting.  This was getting tough and with two small children who were hungry and also worried Mom didn’t know what she was doing.  I was nervous.

Outside at the ‘posted’ number….I found two more people waiting for this Sixt to come.  Would it be a bus?  A van?  A guy on a bike?

Within minutes a black van arrived with gold letters on the side:  SIXT.

Suddenly I exhaled….ah…I could breath.  Whew!  They were a normal company!

When we arrived at their store/car rental place, they had water waiting and those blue and purple hued lighting that makes people calm.

All together it was a nice experience…. Sixt (quite popular in Europe) is very new to the United States.

The reason why they are so cheap in Orlando is that they aren’t on airport property and don’t have to pay weird taxes and fees …which makes their car rental costs lower!

I’m in!

Bottom line:  My car with Sixt was $33/day and the lowest elsewhere I found was $55 a day.

Big Huge Note:  If you are like me and HAVE to have a number to talk to someone just in case you panic and need a little love….the Orlando phone # is 888- 941-7498.

To get a human: Push 1 (English) (not sure about spanish and if you need that, I’m not sure why or how you could be reading this article right now), then push the number 6.

Sometimes they are very busy…and will just not answer their phone. You can leave a message but it’s the car rental business and I don’t think they are good at answering machines.  So call back till they answer and take care of you.

All cars are reserved online. That’s the only way. www.sixt.com

7855 N Frontage Road Orlando, FL 32812

28.452381715178 ; -81.315589919686

Bottom line: This writer saved over $450 by renting through them for 10 days instead of through a car company at the airport. Don’t know about you, but that’s worth a little phone hassle….whichyou won’t have because you read this article here.

There was a mistake on my paperwork causing an extra day to be charged.  I emailed them (they seem to like this contact) and they took it off quickly.  They are new to the USA so they have their pains in dealing with us Americans…but to save $450…it was worth a tiny problem.