Sand Dunes in Oregon…??

I feel stupid.  Why didn’t anyone ever tell me about the 40 miles of huge walls of sand (Dunes) that exist in Oregon?

Growing up in Chicago – the most sand I saw was in a box scattered with cat poo.

The Oregon Dunes are so exciting when I heard they were there I was sure it was a lie.

Driving up….I still wasn’t convinced.

“All I see are trees!  Where are these Dunes you speak of Oregon?  Huh?”

Once in this jeep-like thing, they drove us up over and hill and there, out of nowhere, there they were!

Just seeing the mountains of sand I suddenly had to fight the urge to suddenly leap from the jeep (screaming like a girl, of course) and climb to the top!!

Then throw myself onto my back and roll like a tire back down!

Of course I didn’t do this…it was just an urge that was calmed by my eyes beholding some of the most beautiful land I’ve ever seen.

America has some of the best state parks in the world yet no one ever talks about them…or maybe they talk about them and I just missed it?  And…well…it’s not like the Oregon Dunes were hiding.

84505 U.S. 101,
Florence, OR
(541) 997-3641 ‎





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