Small bags that had their own bags moved in under my eyes.

I begged, “Can we eat out tonight…”

The husband said, “Let’s make pasta at home…I’ll cook.”

If you are a wife, you know when the husband offers a gracious, “I’ll cook” all it means to you is, “When he’s done, you’ll be cleaning his mess for 37 hours.”

I went into Gorilla Sales woman, “I have a coupon!” I whipped it out and read aloud, “By one entree get one free at Sammy’s Pizza – a 9$ value!”

He bought!  We’re going out to eat and saving $$$ at the same time!  Yeah!  Who’s the smart Mama now?

Seconds later, sitting in the booth, I felt like an idiot.  The prices for pizza ran $10-$14!  Sneaky coupon move.

The kids meals were $5.95 and didn’t include a drink.

Bottom line: After entree’s, a cocktail and a fourth kid meal (the portions were so small that even my thin 8 year old daughter was still starving) our bill was $58.  That was after the 9$ off.

Smart.  We saved $9!  But spent $58.  So much for the savings.

Next time…I’ll cook.



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