three lion head bunnies

three lion head bunniesLast February we had the chance to adopt 3 Lionhead bunnies (babies) and like nimnuts, we said “yes!” (When it comes to creatures – we never say no.)

Why?  My 13 year old son likes to “entertain” at birthday parties.  Tons of animals, reptiles and lizards fill our backyard, house and garage (NO snakes in the house, please!)

We have so many reptiles that random people hear about my teen and just ‘drop-off’ mini-monsters they no longer want.  Sometimes we’ve even come home to find a random cage/creature sitting on our doorstep…given by anonomous!

These precious three Lionhead bunnies came to our house in a box.  So cute, adorable and so friendly the husband put them in a single pot and put them on the stove!  Not for eating but just for a joke.  Thankfully, our house is on the funny side and our kids thought this was hilarious….hence the reason for a photo!

From what we experienced, lion head bunnies are relaxed and make great pets.  We had so much fun with ours, they lived in our living room (it’s empty) (really, I mean empty) till my husband (the guy I can’t get to change a lightbulb or fix a door handle) took a full weekend (yes, both days) to dig a three-inch trench around our trampoline, travel back and forth to home depot 7 times and then attach the most ‘perfect’ fence around the trampoline so the bunnies can safely roam free under the bouncing contraption!

Of course like every animal “kids” own, Mom (and vested Dad) are left making sure the threesome are feed and loved.

Everyone always seems to be asking me what animal is best for their kid.   Here’s what I say about bunnies:

1) Bunnies poo. Constantly.  Little pellets. Similar shape and color to the ones they eat.   And yes you can train them to go in a certain spot, but it takes lots of time and patience.  Got any?

Brad Dillman family and three lion head bunnies2) You can’t sleep with a bunny.  Well you can but they won’t be there when you wake.  A Cat is easier and may sleep with you…if they feel like it.   A dog is more of a whiny pain but can still can sleep with you…but will take over your bed and boot you out if you are not careful.

3)  Bunnies don’t live long.  If you like seeing kids cry from the death of their beloved pet, a bunny is your ticket.  If you want them to experience death quickly…a bunny is your ticket.  If you live where there are mountain lions or skunks or even creative possums that will break into an outside bunny habitat with their little claws….go back and read the start of #3 again.

4) If you still want one….get one that’s cute and calm. The livelier they are, the harder it is to hold and then you won’t hold it and then it’s just another rodent in your yard….one you have to pay to feed…and clean up after.

5) If you do don’t mind poo everywhere, have room outside, and don’t mind if your flowers or grass disappear….a bunny may be for you.

There are many people that will respond to me personally or publicly that their bunny is the best thing that came into their lives…and that is good for them.  But for you….I’ve said my peace.

three lion head bunnies


They are soooo cute!!!