bar keepers liquid cleanser

My neighbor has one of those ‘griddle’ flat pancake pans on her stovetop….the one I’d never get I’d use it and then get lazy about cleaning it.

Her’s… clean.  Perfect.  Like new.

Like it’s built in…on the top…in between 8 burners.

dirty stovetop bar keepers liquid cleanserIt’s a fancy stovetop.  One I’d love to have if a) I could afford it and b) I knew what to do with it.

When I saw the spotless griddle…I laughed almost snorted, “So do you have another separate griddle you use for cooking, so you don’t get this one dirty?”

She looked at me funny, “What do you mean?  I use this griddle all the time.”

I was confused, “What griddle?”

“This one!”  She touched the perfect-looking new stovetop and my mouth fell to the floor.

WTF?  Really?  How can she possibly keep it clean?  Ha. Truth was.  She didn’t know.  If you have that nice of a stovetop, and you don’t know how it stays clean, you have ‘people’ working their butts off for you!

Later she asked her cleaning lady and this woman said the product she used was:

Bar Keepers Friend Liquid Cleanser

The sell it at Bed Bath and Beyond.  I went and bought it.  My stovetop never gets that dirty.  But when I use this stuff…it shines.

clean wolf stovetopAnyway….wanted to share.  It’s not that expensive and with the 20% off coupons that float everywhere and never expire…you’ll feel good getting that discount just to try keepers liquid cleanser