Photo of Cross of Grateful and Peace

After living in a house with empty, blank walls….I’m finally trying to fill them with things I love!

Photo of Cross of Grateful and PeaceI had bought these letters to create 2 words: Grateful and Peace

I bought the letters at Michaels and took them home and spray painted them.

Then they sat there on my counter….for weeks….I didn’t know where or how I wanted them on the wall….. Enter Lisa Oberst, design extrodinare.   She walked into my home and placed all the letters on the table and
moved them around looking at them.   I looked at her looking at them…what was she thinking.  She put them in a line up and down…I didn’t like it.  Then she crossed Peace at the E in Grateful.

Photo of Cross of Grateful and PeaceThen my son, Ty, spoke up….”Hey, put ‘peace’ up here and it will look like a cross!”  OMG.  I looked at Lisa and she looked at me….I burst into tears!  I was so happy!  This was just what I wanted!  Perfect!!  I was so thrilled!

The result is right here.  Very cool huh?