Snake Boys Birthday Party Cake


Snake Boys Birthday Party Cake?

I know.  Buying a cake has it’s benefits…like saving time.  (and sanity)

But making a birthday cake?  With your kid?  Yeah it’s a pain. Yeah it’s a mess.  But oh boy!!  Does it does have benefits too!!  Memories!!

They will have greater appreciation as they put this thing together!
Think about it:

snake birthday cake1) Your kids can never say, “We never made a cake together!”

2) You kid will be the one to tell guests, “You can look at my cake….just don’t touch it!!!

3) Your kid (and you – exhausted and ready for a cocktail and a cab to take you….anywhere) will stand tall & proud of what he/she has done.

I try and ask my kids what cake they want for their birthday or any celebration….and whatever they say, “Dirt cake!” or “Batman cake!” or “Cake that explodes,” I’ll search the internet till I find something or convince them to make “this other great thing I found.”

This cake was easy to make with an angel food cake pan.  (In case you need/want the pan- that blue highlighted area is a link for the cake pan on Amazon)  (that pan is low and has a good size circle middle – just right for this cake)

Just get the one pan or buy two of them to make the cooking process go faster and then when finished cooking, dump out the cake (lots of spray oil!) onto a cutting board and cut the cake in 1/2 and turn them for the body of the snake. (if you need help here – use a kid – they see shapes better! I mean snakes!)

Only this Snake Birthday Cake wasn’t good enough for a six-year-old boy with a creative diabolical Batman mind!  Oh no!  Why not go a step further and shove your sisters Barbie  Doll into the mouth of the snake?!

snake birthday cakeBrilliant!
Now we apease to both sexes.

What a great cake, fun and exciting for boys and very fun for the anyone tired of the Costco cakes (yummy but same ole)!

Give your kid a cake they want…then if they have an idea – why not let them do their thing!

You’ll get a photo and a memory and maybe a few neighbors talking!