Parents…Say Core Mantras To Your Kids Over and Over and Over

Parents…Say Core Mantras To Your Kids Over and Over and Over
I’m a recorder.  I have certain things I say to my kids over and over.  Like….
“Love is plentiful, it isn’t a glass of water that overflows…when there’s tons of love, the glass just gets bigger!”
“Don’t ever spend more than you make.”
“You are the most beautiful girl in the world…but your heart is prettier.”
My dad said the above to me over and over.  He was a recorder…only he annoyed the crap out of me.  Even saying “You are beautiful…” was annoying…  Cause I was young and a kid and that’s what kids are supposed to think of their parents: Annoying!
laurie mcdermottBut guess what?  Now that I’m the parent, I now say the things he said to me to my own kids.  Love, money and well…I tell my boys and my daughter how much I love their heart, their soul, the way the act, the way they talk, the way they look when they are kind.
All parents need to have ‘mantras’ they say to their kids, over and over. To the point of annoyance.  So they remember (cause the WILL remember!) and then repeat!
I have a new mantra.  When I’m talking about hugs or love…I say the “How much does it cost to give someone a hug??”
They respond with the I’m-so-bored-i’m-going-to-die-voices:  “Nothing…”
It’s the same pre-teen voice I used on my dad…who died 20 years ago..and as I said, all the mantras he said to me, I’ve never forgot.  In fact, I know them so well, when I say them to my kids, guess how THEY respond!?
Do I really need to repeat it??