Tiny Small Lip Vaseline Travel Easy To Carry In Pocket


I saw them at the airport.  This lady pulled out this teeny tiny jar.  Opened it,put her finger in and smeared some stuff on her lips.  I looked at the container.  (Yes, I’m so nosy when it comes to cool stuff.)  It was so cute. So small i put it next to a fork!!  (see the photo!!!) It’s still smaller than the teeth of the fork!    And it gives the lips a little smash of pink without putting on lip stick and then the vaseline. Cause that’s always a mess.

best lip therapyVaseline Lip Therapy.  “Rosy Lips” is what to look for.

Small, highly rated and nice for the kissing smackers!  AKA lips. AKA to kiss.

You can find them anywhere…unless you are lazy like me.  Hello Mr. Prime.  Amazon Prime.  Amazon has a pack of two for $6.