ego kills

Today I heard what I hear often, “There is just too much between us.  The only answer is divorce.”

I say, “Lame.”

There is always brown ugly stringy roots under nice grass.

But no one wants to look at themselves and see where they are not perfect.

People want to think it’s the OTHER person who is the problem.  That’s so much easier.

So they leave…take their problems with them…and start over with someone new.

Maybe they’ll get lucky and the new person will be perfect?


Maybe not…

Maybe it will be worse?

Like a dog.  Do you give it back cause it bites or pees on carpet?
Like a kid.  Do you just stop loving them because they screw up?

Why are we able to have such unconditional love for our kids and refuse to find it with our spouse.

It is there.

You just have to find it.  Find it IN YOU.  It’s there.

But people are ready to just leave…and believe, “There is someone else, better for me…out there and I will find them.”


Maybe not…

But you know for 100% this new person won’t be with parent of your children.

You know this new person will never love your kids as much as you and your ex.

You know this new person won’t know your crap (cause we all have crap) and after a few years and they learn your crap……they just may leave you.

So…if you dug…dug deep…. you could go further in the relationship you had with your ex (the parent of your kids) and it could become an amazing relationship.

It could.


Or…instead…you can keep your frustration, anger and ego…and let them remain your captain.

In the words of Dr. Suess, “Oh the places we will go!”

ego kills