what is important

This is an argument that comes up often in my home.

“NO!  We can’t go…we have a game!”

“But it’s Christmas!”

“They scheduled the tournament over the holiday!”


I’m pretty sure this all started from a divorced father or mother who was not seeing kids often enough on the holidays so scheduling some big tournament on a holiday ensured a long visit with the kiddies and some physical interaction.

That ruined it for the rest of the families that actually like to get together with other relatives for the holidays.

The sports thing is fun and important but not when it rules over family vacations/traditions/holidays.

Let’s put it this way….

What do you remember more?

1) The 7 seasons of baseball playoffs you played each year?
2) Thanksgiving dinner 1984 when Grandma was cutting the turkey and almost cut your face with the knife because she’s italian and forgets to set the knife down when she’s talking.

what is important1) The 7 seasons of baseball playoffs you played each year?
2) The trip to Disney World when you discovered you like roller coasters! And Mikey Mouse!

Sports are fun.  The should be played but not at the expense of family time, traveling with the family and or holiday traditions.

Get your priorities right.