Have you ever been a victim of an affair?

Did your spouse tell you the one thing they still had to do was talk to their affair partner and apologize?

If your spouse wants to apologize to his/her ex partner – laugh.  In an odd way.  (cause we all know it’s not funny).

In an affair 2 people into it freely…knowing they could get hurt and yet…they still went for the affair.

This person is an idiot.

Any apology is ridiculous.

When you are an idiot of your own choosing – you do not deserve any apology.

Where an apology IS needed and required is to the the people close to you that were hurt.  IE…the Mother-in-law…the relatives of the spouse you cheated on, children old enough to understand you screwed up.  All of those people trusted you, counted on you and stood by you when you said your commitment to your spouse.  You deceived your spouse but you all deceived these other people too.  If anyone is going to get an apology….it’s they who deserve one.

Then the hugs can come and forgiveness begins.