It’s a tough decision….

Go with the husband and three kids to a routy weekend of the first football game at Penn State University?  Or stay home, clean out a few drawers and closets by myself, alone, just me, and renew inner soulist peace with the TV all to myself?

Ten years ago…okay, maybe even five years ago I’d have said the first one!  But now, I’m done.  Four days alone in my house?  (well me and the needy cat) (AND the other 32 creatures my son collected so he can make $ doing birthday parties).  Sign me up!

The end result:
ME:  A few less wrinkles (okay, still there, but now seen with a big smile)
HIM:  A photo on MSNBC,  As you can see…even random photographers notice a die-hard fan.

Brad DIllman at Penn State 2012