Whoever said, “Laughter is THE best medicine.” should be knighted…or given some cash.

Life is too short not to find the funny in anything…everything….

(okay..sometimes what makes a disaster funny is TIME)

But when you laugh, I laugh. When I laugh, you laugh.  Then everyone is happy, we all get along and no body gets pissy.

That’s why I do standup comedy.  Because I want to remind people to they are on this planet one time and if you wait to have a good time…well…um….you may be dead.

I used to travel with Male comics but it’s not unlike traveling with my husband….except without the sex, but they burp and fart all the same.

Traveling with my Mom comic pals, my favorite two comic girl friends (No…stop that – they are not lesbians), isn’t work. It’s the ultimate way to make $ and see the world.

They are hilarious. WE are hilarious.  The event is hilarious.  It’s just one trip of hilariousness only found when you get three chicks together who laugh and enjoy hanging out.

Traveling with Girls/Moms has it’s benefits:

1) If you have to pee….they will immediately pull over the car.

2) If you have to pee and you are late to a show, they will give you a bag to pee in and laugh as they swing the car from side to side so you fall over in your pee (they will never tell though)

3) If you suck on a joke, they will laugh loudly in the back anyway.

The below photos are my comedy girls AKA “Mom’s Night Out” as we arrived at the hotel:  Myself, Mary Kennedy and Stephanie Blum.  When we arrived at the hotel, the front desk requests a photo….

“Mom’s Night Out” has arrived.

Where’s the bathroom…?



Doesn’t matter if my face is on a poster…no one knows me.

What you see in Oregon when you suddenly have to pee.

We were all working at the resort this weekend….do you know who HE is?