Girls Night Out Drink Wild Blue Martini!


Who doesn’t want a memoriable night out when gathering with the girls?

Then why not have a signature drink?

These Blue Martini’s are fun and delicious and are a party in a glass!!  Cause you can’t just order this at the bar like you do a bottle of beer, you have to make it…or carry it into a New Years Eve party like a fireman carries a hose to a fire.

I attended this ‘Mom’s Night Out’ Baby Shower and all they had to drink was wine.  Snooze.

When Only Wine is Available:
Wine makes me sleepy and when I inquired if the host may have other libations, she pulled out an opened Jose Margarita bottle she said they’d had for years.  Looking at the 1993 date didn’t scare me at all compared with the fear I felt seeing the bold words on the bottle: “Refrigerate After Opening.”  It was then I bagged the idea of drinking with my mates and settled into a conversation about the next election and who would be funnier than me on Tosh.O, when out of the blue, someone spoke words that fell on my back like a warm baby blanket; “Laurie, Karen just walked in with a basket and she’s pouring something blue into a martini glass.” Karen, a hilarious woman who worked long hours as a DA,  with red hair and a laugh so boistrous it should cure cancer, had arrived to the party Martha Stuart wicker basket in hand.   Inside the basket were 10 martini glasses (she’s always prepared) and a jug of a blue drink she’d made at home.

I barely knew this girl, but she was always smiling, ready to laugh and now was rescuing me not from a night of boredom but into a friendship that has given me so many delightful memories.  Since then we’ve been the best of friends.

Below is the drink she brought. Not sure how many it serves.   Depends on how much you drink.  (You could get 2 glasses or 12!)

Karen’ts Electric Blue Martini’s

1  1/3 cup Vanilla Vodka – My Favorite is Smirnoff Vodka Vanilla

2/3 cup Regular Vodka

¾- 1 cup  Blue Curacao  (Or make your own!!)

1/3- ½ cup – pineapple juice

2/3 cup fresh lemon juice

2/3 cup simple syrup – Make your own or BUY HERE.

blue martiniDirections my way:
Put some sugar (depending on the holiday, colored is fun, but blue doesn’t really go with any holiday….well maybe july 4th?  So you could try white or even red for that holiday…), lemon zest and vanilla in a bowl and mix together.  Then pour sugar mix on a flat plate.  Rub honey or lemon on the rim of the glass (the rim where your lips drink) (I have to say that cause someone may think it’s the rim of the bottom).  Then dip the rim into the sugar. Mix all the above stuff together in a pitcher or something you can put a lid on and shake with ice.  Then strain out the ice and pour into martini glasses rimmed with that sugar. Y. U. M.  Hello best martini!!

Go crazy for any party, use black at a funeral. Use red, white and blue for 4th of July!  Use green for St Patrick’s day!

Also – not many peopel have more than 4 martini glasses so if you forsee this problem, head to the 99cent store.  And with a mere 99 cents per glass, you too can have a party in a basket!

Yes, people have more parties!
Drink more fun drinks!
You don’t have to be Irish!  You just have to know how to play properly!!

Uber anyone??

NON DRINKER Designated Driver ALERT:
If you aren’t a drinker, or if you are the elected designated driver, don’t ever free bad showing up to a party with a NON – alcholic drink.  Others will be jealous.  But don’t bring a boring coffee, bring something that is yummy and delicious so that you won’t be tempted to drink.

Coffee Bean New Caramel Coconut Drinks Are Fun

Here is another drink – well alcohol brand I like that screams “party.”  It’s kind of expensive so watch or look for it to go on sale…cause then you get it for a steal.

Best Moonshine Party Drink: Stillhouse Whiskey Apple, Mint Chip, Coconut, Red Hot