Best Moonshine Party Drink: Stillhouse Whiskey Apple, Mint Chip, Coconut, Red Hot


The Best Moonshine is Stillhouse Whiskey:  Apple, Mint Chip, Coconut, Red Hot are unbelievable when made in a cocktail!  It’s strong and can kick your butt….but it doesn’t taste strong and yucky.  It tastes good!  Love this stuff!

Stillhouse Whiskey is new and unique.  And just look at this packaging!  Very very clever!!

the flavors of stillhouse whiskeyArriving to the store in a gasoline can, this fun loving booze is a great new hit.  It’s cool!  It’s hip!  And it’s moonshine!  Have you tried that stuff…it’s really good.  Kicks the butt if you know what I mean.  Most Moonshine tastes pretty bad, but Stillhouse adds a new twist with all their yummy flavors:

Clear Corn
Apple Crisp
Mint Chip (my fav!)
Red Hot
Peach Tea

Best Moonshine Stillhouse WhiskeyLet’s look at the Mint Chip Whiskey.  This stuff rocks!  YUM.  Rock and Brews Restaurant in Terminal 1 at LAX carries Stillhouse (all their flavors) in their bar.  So if you are headed to LAX to fly on Southwest, give yourself breathing room to stop and grab a Mint Chip Coffee or some other drink made with these gems!

The LA Food Party was the first time I’d seen Stillhouse Moonshine.