Me!  Me!  Me!

It’s all about you, you, you these days!   What about the other person in your life?  What about the other people?

Nope.  Gotta look out for number 1.  Period.  Or else.

Or else what?  You’ll get eaten by other Me-me-ers?

Just today I spoke to a girl leaving her husband hoping they remain friends and can do holidays with each other, their children and their new future spouses. What??? When did this become a normal?

I’ve asked her repeatedly why she really is wanting to leave her husband and she says, “He’s just not that exciting to me anymore. He’s too busy with work (paying for the amazing 8 bedroom home she lives in, right on the ocean, and the Mercedes she gets to drive) He just can’t give me the love I want and expect.

Hmm….do you see the irony here?

She wants and wants and wants. He worked night and day to make a tiny wee business into a gold churning factory….then his wife leaves him because he is constantly working and doesn’t give her the time she deserves.

It kills me.  Kills me when a woman isn’t grateful when her hubby works so hard and she gives nothing back.  “He loves his work”  she complains.

“Good!”  I say.  “Thank goodness he actually likes what he has to slave at all day to bring home piles of money!  YEAH!  How lucky are you??”

“He loves his work more than me…”  she looks down sad hoping I’ll understand her point of view.

But I don’t.  I see an ungrateful baby (well…ungrateful mother of 4) who doesn’t know how to treat a man.  Perhaps if she did her hubby would run home each day after work and fall into her open arms.

But that’s not what its about anymore.

People want their needs….wait…I said that wrong…People demand that their needs be met before they’ll even ‘think’ about giving or doing for another.

Is that what you want?  Is that how you live?

I challenged my friend to instead of complaining about what she doesn’t have, to think about what she DOES have. Her husband is in love with her. He adores her. When he’s not working he wants nothing more than to hang with his wife and kids.  So instead of standing by her dedicated-ass-kicking man…she’s up in arms about what she’s not getting. Excuse me.

Reaffirm your love for him, your desire for him, your attraction to him.

Tell him (oh-no-  show him) that he is the most important person in your life.
Do it without smothering, clinging or demanding that he reciprocate the feelings to you.
And then wait and watch what happens.
But don’t stop. Do it again.  And again.  And again.
If he still doesn’t notice or is mean to you or doesn’t give any care your way.

You married an alien.
Leave quickly.