Dr. Oz Kicked My A** in 9 Minutes

dr oz

I’m one of those weird people that like to work out at the same time every morning.  It’s the only way I can be consistent.

If I skip a day or ‘talk myself’ out of it to go…”later”.  I may not go for weeks. (Cause laziness sets in and I justify to my inner brain that I’m just too busy.)

So to solve the nonsense self talk, I just go every day at the same time and the autopilot keeps me on track.

That said, when my sister, Colleen, challenged me with this 9 minute workout clip from Dr. Oz, with the words, “You’ll be dying!” I just laughed.  I’m in great shape.  9 minutes of a workout is for weenies back to the gym on January 2.  AND if Dr. Oz can do it (he’s old) surely I can do it just fine.

I set up the computer in a large room, and when my 3 kids came to watch, I invited them to join me.

Well…after 2 mins they started dropping like flies.  Me?  It wasn’t till 8 minutes that I was exhausted.   OK, I’m exaggerating, it was really 3.3 minutes!

The workout WAS hard and I suggest you all to try it!

But beware….you may not be able to walk the next day.  Or the next!

Dr. Oz may be wearing scrubs, but seeing him do this exercise so easy on TV proves he’s in phenomenal shape…and worthy to be naked for viewers.


dr oz


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