Chicago Therapy

Laurie McDermott chicago

Chicago people are some of my favorite people in the world. (And not just because I’m from there!)

They are open, honest, friendly and authentic…and they make you feel like you are home.

Walk into any store and ask another patron a question.  They will answer…with a smile and an opinion.

Laurie McDermott chicagoFor the past 2 weeks my three kids have really experienced Chicago as it’s best.  Relatives, friends as well as new people we just met have all made an impact on my kids in small ways.  Like yesterday, my kids were acting up in a store and I looked up around me expecting to see (those watching) bitter angry old faces staring/judging me….and three older ladies (not together) all had smiles on their faces looking either at me or my kids.  How cool.  It made me smile.  Laugh actually.

Okay, okay, I’m sure there are many cities that are just as wonderful…but I had to get my opinion out there.

…after all, I’m from Chicago.


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