The Fault in our stars

Last night I took my 3 little people to the movies.  We all picked different shows to see.

I picked what had to be the biggest tear jerker to come along since I weeped my way through ‘Beaches” with Bette Midler.

Wow.  It was funny, hilarious, serious, smart, witty and emotional heart wrenching.

There was a moment in the film I wondered to myself, “have I stopped crying at all in the past 30 minutes?”

The Fault in our starsIt’s not a jolting cry…just a sad, I-totally-feel-get-understand-your-pain cry.

The actors did an amazing job and everything about it was (gosh) almost perfect.

I will say I didn’t like the creepy writer who shows up in end, although he did serve a purpose (but I could have been perfectly fine w/o the guy).

Bottom line:  SEE this movie.  Alone.  Or with a loved one.  You don’t want to be a blubbering mess when it’s too late and you’re sitting with 4 other guys. (That happened to my 14 year old.  He actually picked this movie to see with 3 friends.  All teens.  Together.  Crying.  Oh to have been a fly during that moment!  My teen said he cried several times.  And all I could do was smile.  YES!  He has empathy and emotion.  Love it!!)  I loved this film.  LOVED it!!  it was a dreamy love story, story about life, story about great parents, how others are kind and giving even when they get rejected or nothing in return.  Love it!

This movie will remind you what life is really about when you know you keep claiming you are too busy to notice or care.  Well…this could be your wake up call.  Notice.  Notice before it’s too late.

Then after you wipe away the last of the buggers and exit the theater hoping your kids won’t notice that you look like you not only lost your best friend but watched them die, go home and open the email about the great Ted Talk…then watch it!  Till it’s 2am and you can’t hold your exhausted eyes open anymore.

This Ted Talk is one of the best I’ve ever seen.  Um…and…well…it’s the first one I’ve seen!