I’m old fashioned.  I save. The husband says “squander like a squirrel”.  But I’m a big fan of not having to worry about bills.

The big question I always struggle with:  Should one pay down a mortgage or not?

Then I found this calculator!  Punch in your info and (blow off the part where they ask you to enter your email address and click on an ’email you back,’ just click “Calculate” and see what paying a wee bit or a huge hunk each month will save you in the long run!


Whoo!  To not have a mortgage anymore!

So does paying more on a mortgage save you $?  Well…if you were using that extra $ that sat in the bank for .00003% interest than YES.  If you use your extra money for booze, pizza, vacations or 2nd and 3rd homes that make you happy…then NO.

So…see….here in lies my problem.  But at least now, I can SEE what happens when I pay more!  Seeing is knowing and knowing is….(even if I don’t do it) is when you make the best decisions.

Tonight we order pizza.