Two nights ago I woke up to an itch on my foot. I went to the bathroom and when I climbed in bed it itched more.  Reaching down to the bottom of my foot I felt a huge welt!  Spider bite!!?!?!  AH!


Saying I jumped out of bed is putting the action mildly.  I leapt, flew, freakishly scrambled waking the husband in process.  It was 2am…but that’s okay causeI’m sure he didn’t want a spider on his body either.  Immediately we turned on all the lights, shook out the covers and searched for the criminal (This is the same action the husband takes when he hears that one mosquito buzzing near his ear.  Everything is the same but no need for blanket shaking, instead we stare upwards at the wall or light so the flying devil can be see.  Oh…and with mosquitos…no one is allowed to go back to bed until it’s been terminated).

The spider situation is different.’s never happened before but now I know…we will stay up and find the devil.

The next morning I was moving a piece of clothing that was folded on the floor and who should pop out?  YES.

It was all very fast.  I screamed.  My littlest child screamed.  I called for my husband (one always needs backup when dealing with a spider that has already victimized).  As the husband was running to help me, I put all the negative itching I’d been dealing with into my foot and stepped on him.  Course I covered him with the shirt first.  No need to watch the gore happen.


All I wondered was…did he have friends…?  Maybe that one wasn’t even the right guy and I knocked off a twin?  Maybe there’s a nest in my bedroom?  (Just typing that made my shoulders haunch.  You?)

There is a positive (well…a point) to this story.  While doing internet scanning for a solution for my nasty bite/itch…I found a site that talks to people alot like the way I talk to you.  Like it’s live.

I learned alot about spiders from the writer who seems as scared of them  as me.  Bravo to them!

No…Double Bravo!!!