Last night it was FREEZING!!  Well it went down to 43! And we were on the couch watching “Life of Pi”  Then suddenly it started to rain and then it got louder.  Meg shouted, “it’s hailing!”

We ran to the door and saw the hail on the ground!  It was small but it WAS hail!  The kids were running around screaming and I remember Roc asking, “What’s happening!?”  We were back and forth to different windows and Ty then ran out in his boxers to feel/touch it, he comes running back in and I ran to get him a towel and Roc ran after me and I noticed he was crying!

I quickly said, “Hey buddy!  Don’t cry! Everything’s alright!  It’s just hail!”

Roc continues crying and somehow blurts out, “I don’t know what that is.”

Hail. He doesn’t know what hail is!!!

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