benefits of a cleanse
The husband (NOT photoed above...or I wouldn't have time for this blog!) came to me, "We need to do a Detox."
I'm into any adventure even if I don't understand.  Always will to try!
Then he pulled out a huge bag of power he bought for $89.98....that smelled like the inside of a cotton candy machine coated with lysol. (don't ask how I know that)
I was NOT going to drink whatever he was thinking of mixing it in and voiced my opinion.  He protested; "It will help us..."
"Help us....with what?"
"Detox and cleanse our bodies!  Get all those toxins out of our bodies."
How did I know I had toxins IN my body to even get out?  Wasn't that my body's job to remove something that wasn't fitting in my body?  Do they hide in there and this magic powder would go in, hunt down my hiding toxins and sweep them out?
images-3I wasn't convinced, "I hear those words but what do they really mean?"
Considering I exercise 5 days a week and rarely eat processed food, I wanted to know...what would I get out of this?  And sadly the husband couldn't explain (in human language- not what the ad or commercial said) what benefit I would I be expecting.
It was then I began my 24 hour search for the truth about this Detox/remove the toxins/Cleanse thing so many people do and that so many companies talk about (in my opinion) just to scare consumers into buying their product/system.
Hours later I was filled with information all concluding the claim of my gut: No one (human or company) has proved these tactics actually work.  (remove toxins...and proving that you had them to begin with)

This is my favorite article for you to look at:
The weird part is that people on them will SWEAR it's changed them...and their life.  And, well, they may be right:  Sometimes believing something will help you 
does more benefit than the actual "thing."  What's that called, yes, the 'placebo effect.'
Bottom Line:  I didn't tell the husband what I learned.  If he's willing to go at this 'shake and salad' diet, and lose the 24-month old baby he's been carrying in his tummy....I'll stay mum forever!
(While he does subscribe to my site, he never reads it!)