Goo Be Gone

Goo Gone is the BEST glue remover

I don’t have alot of time to clean.  Which is why I hire a cleaning lady that I can’t afford twice a month just so I can see my floors.

It’s at least once a week I have to clean some band-aid residue off a computer mouse, remove leftover tape off cabinets (from some to-do note I posted that I’m sure I never did) or get gum off my floor (that the dog continued to chew) and actually it’s not stuck frozen to the baseboard molding.

Someone once told me about Goo Gone and a time when I was willing to try anything (couldn’t tell you for what or why) but  I remember being desperate and it worked.  It’s always works.  I’ve never had an experience where I couldn’t get it off anything, ever.

AND it’s around $5.

Can a human fall in love with a bottle?