The Best Kid Scrapbook for Saving School Memories

school memory book

If you have more than one kid, keeping photos, memory stuff, is tough!  Now that my youngest is deep into kindergarden, even a request to fill out a time line with him for a school project puts me into a tail spin.

Maybe it’s because I hate scrap booking.  It’s time and effort no one cares about (but you).  I have found, I really like things where all I have to do is fill it in!

The School Years Memory Scrap Book Album Red Star (with (hello!) 24 Pockets is just that…THE BOMB.

For my older two (and gifts) I’ve always bought “School Years Memory Keeper” from Editors of Publications International, but this last time (the LAST kid) I found the one above on Amazon and I like it better. 

Why?  More questions for kids to answer and 9th to 12th grade is also in the book!

Bottom line:  Books like this make it easy for you to keep track of their school memories.  And it’s in ONE place!  AND …best part?  Once they can write, THEY fill it in!  My older kids write and answer all the questions every year at the end of the school year.  It’s so cool to see how their handwriting has changed.  And the handy pockets for each year are great at keeping the class photos in one place….organized.

This could be the BEST thing I’ve done as a Mother.

Besides give birth.

See!?? The inside!

Very cool!

Inside of book!

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