Life Lesson #104: Wear What You Want


Life has many lessons….this one is prudent.  Learn at a young age to wear what you want. You are the only person who has to look at yourself day in and day out.

Feel like wearing sweats? Okay – rock on sista’!  Feel like wearing high heels and a short mini?  Go for it!  No one is stopping you.  Well…unless your mini skirt is hiked up so high we can see your panties.  (But even then passerbys may not share (with you anyway))

The rule goes even farther when you hit old age.  By then, who cares.  No one is judging.  And if they are – it goes even more to the “who cares”?

When you are 80…wear whatever the hell you want.

lax life lessonThis 81-year-old woman…leg pictured to the left has serious crap on her legs.  You can see the dark splotches on her upper calf.  But lets look closer….see taht ankle bracelet?  That tiny ‘delicate’ metal piece draped on her ankle?  Yes, my friends, that IS indeed jewelry.  That she chose to put on her ankle that very morning before she went out for a walk.  Because in her own special unique way, she’s still trying to look pretty.  Or fashionable.

This woman is not married (her hubby passed away years ago) and she is not really looking to connect with a new man. She’s just into making herself feel good once in awhile and if this is how she does it, well, then, why not.

Course her daughter tagging along for the walk thinks her moms efforts in the glamor catagories are ridiculous.  But I love it!  To each their own.  Live and let live!  If her mom wanted to wear a pink tutu around the house and then out to the store, I could give a crap. (Then again, this is HER mom, not mine.)  Not sure how I’d feel about my own mom wandering about the Earth in such attire.  But then again, I’ve never criticised my mom and her choices of attire since I was 13, and back then I had no clue anyway.

But to ankle woman?  Her daughter may complain but still lets her mom choose her own style and wear what she wants.

Probably to this older woman, she still feels like she is 30…but when she looks in the mirror there is this old hag looking back at her and she’s in shock and terror, “What in the hell happened??”

So with that…this lesson is clear:

Wear whatever you want. Even when you are 80.  Live. Live. Live.  Your way!

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