The Best Pet to Get Kids

This dog is the best dog.

My kids love furry things.  But just like a baby….you have to import into their brain that it’s not a toy.  It’s a living, breathing thing that needs love, attention, food, water and of course a proper place to ‘do it’s business…and that THEY, the child, must be responsible; to love it, hug it, clean it’s cage and wipe it’s ass if it has diarrhea or poo stuck back there.

This dog is the best dog.“Yes!  Yes!  YES!”  They chime begging and adamant that they in fact will take care of this creature and love it like you, the good Mommy does to them every single minute of the day.

The creature arrives and 2 days in, you are exactly doing what you didn’t want to do (but knew you would because you are dealing with children and kids just don’t have the skills and knowledge to learn how to take care of a thing) taking care of this pet.

So, if you are going to buy your kids a pet remember the following:

1) Pets bring joy to kids.

2) Pets bring responsiblity to kids…even if they clean the cage with you…it’s time together and in the end you are  teaching your kids responsibility, care and love.

3) Pets love unconditionally and kids need that in their lives.  Specially as they move to teen years and feel all their friends are against them.

We have more pets and lizards then I can count.  My kids take care of them all…..but reminding them politely to take care of them….is what I do daily.  Do I nag?  NEVER.  Do I repeatedly remind them in different ways?  Yes.  They are kids….they will forget…..(just like me!)

Ty Dillman and Bell, the shitzu Puppy IMG_2778 IMG_2459So if you are thinking about a pet….just do it!  But I must advise….as you choose your pet…..always remember:  Big pet…big poo.  Little pet…little poo.

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