Best Unique Things to Do In Los Angeles

As I travel writer Living in LA – I am biased that Los Angeles is THE best place to visit!!

I have seen everything and done everything here.

If you are coming – you have TONS of place to see and do while you are here….there are AREAS to see and I will Break them up:

This video is of my favorite place to go (cause I live here !!! And it’s just cool!!) The LA relaxing – hide here and bring the kids!!

  1. Hollywood: A tourist trap but one you must see if you have yet to go. Why? Because you must see it!!! Here is a video on what to see during your time there.

2. Beverly Hills:
Do not miss driving through here – keep your eyes open though!! Celebrities are everywhere in nice and ugly (hidden) cars!!

4) Santa Monica:
Do not miss going to the beach and seeing all the things on the pier – it is another tourist trap and it will be crowded but it’s beautiful!! Also – don’t miss the 5 blocks of stores on the 3rd street promenade -no cars – all shopping and eateries!!

5) Malibu:
The most filmed area in movies you will ever see. Also there is only 1 road in and 1 road out from LA…so chances are it’s a great place to spot all kinds of celebrities!! Keep eyes open!!


6) Topanga Canyon:
This stretch of driving is AMAZING- it’s like Colorado!! BEAUTIFUL!! Do not miss this drive!!! Click that button below and learn what to see and do in this one GREAT drive!!

7) Venice: Tourist trap but a fun one!! Shopping galore but be aware of shopping where there are NO price tags on the items. If you see an item w/o a price tag – LEAVE the store. You will be scammed at a hugely high price. There are better places to find clothes!! WAY better!! If you eat in Venice, be sure to check your bill – they often charge you for tip – so if you don’t look you may pay DOUBLE tip!! Also – video below is fun!!

8) Manhattan Beach:
THE BEST BEACH in Los Angeles, or even the whole USA!! Here’s the deal – they don’t promote for tourism so you will be like you are right in life of CA! Best beach town ever. Why? I live here!! If you want to stay with me click here! This is my site!!

9) Hermosa Beach:
Younger feel than Manhattan Beach and if you are between 20-40, this is the place for you!! Great eateries and happy hours! And a giant strand that you can bike from Torrance beach all the way up to Santa Monica and beyond!!

10) Redondo Beach:
A beautiful beach and an amazing pier full of fun things to do. A bit more touristy than the other two above (they are all in the same area of beaches) and you can hit/walk thru them all in a matter of 30 mins!!

11) Long Beach:
Tons of places to eat, beautiful hotels, Aquarium, rides and fun!!

Long Beach CA Skyline, Pike Amusements, Southern California, USA, Rainbow Lagoon Park Waterfront Center Long Beach California

12) Downtown Los Angeles:
I had a list to give you but lets be honest, this guy shares and has done it already for me. He’s good!!

13) Universal Studios: This is my video. I hope you enjoy it!!

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