Best Heavenly Ski Hotel Resort South Lake Tahoe, CA

where to stay in heavenly ski resort

Heavenly Ski Resorts and Hotels in South Lake Tahoe are all close to the mountain!  And let’s be honest…. I’m picky.

Since we’re skiing all day, I must stay in a place where everyone has space to take off and dry ski grub.

Because we’ve been exerting ourselves, the room/hotel my be clean, spacious and have stuff for my kids to do either in the hotel or nearby (so they don’t drive me crazy while I try and relax).  Then I must have a comfy bed!

Here are the hotels I suggest to stay in and why:

First you must know, Heavenly Ski Resort & Village sits on one giant block with a Gondola to the lifts right in the middle. On that block are several hotels, 2 of which are below and 1 is only a few blocks away.

The Landing:  Only 3 blocks from the scary Heavenly Gondola.  Or take The Landing’s private bus that will drive you anywhere you wish around town!  Each of the rooms at The Landing are personally decorated and different as the owners takes great care & pride in it’s unique boutique feel.  And please note, The Landing is right across from Lake Tahoe!  No one really pays much attention to this during the winter, but come summer, The Landing is a killer spot to be!

The Lake Tahoe Resort:  Once an Embassy Suites Hotel – because all their rooms are in a square and face inside.  My kids love this!  They were all so happy running through the halls on each floor, playing hide and seek, and launching paper airplanes from the top floor down!  Of course this all stopped when I discovered the happenings but it was a highlight of the trip!  The Lake Tahoe Resort also has an indoor pool (so fun!), a gym and a free breakfast and happy hour! (best part was those last two)!  The ceilings in this hotel do have the popcorn paint from the 70’s.  Of course they say they say they tested it for asbestos and it’s clear, but if people are scared, concerned or even look at it and wonder, why would any hotel even take the chance of a customer doubting anything?  Why not just remove it?  No one was able to answer that for me.  I was told the owners are Japanese and don’t live in the USA.  Either way, The Lake Tahoe Resort is a fun place to stay with kids.  Watch the video below or click here.

Marriott Timber Lodge:  Do not be afraid, as this lovely resort is a time share!  All that means to you is that if you can get a room there, you’ll be steps away from the Heavenly Gondola and get to stay in a fun-filled resort with a huge room and a kitchen and space to breath, right in the heart of Heavenly Village.  Again – there aren’t any time share presentations, unless you want one.  Marriott Timber Lodge also has a pool, restaurants and teen and kid rooms right at the bottom near the front lobby.  Perfect for traveling with families.  You can’t get any closer than this resort! Watch my video on it!

Either way it doesn’t matter where you stay as long as you go!

So get out of your home and take yourself, your spouse and your kids on a ski vacation!

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