Laurie McDermott Skiing Lake Tahoe

Where do you take your kids to ski when they are first learning or after they have learned and want to get better at skiing??  Heavenly.  South Lake Tahoe!

Who likes to ski??  Everyone! When you take them!!

Go to Heavenly Mountain in Lake Tahoe.  It’s close and fun.  And it’s like a world away….since it actually is.  Ha!  Reno airport is over 62 miles away!

Heavenly Mountain, with 97 trails, welcomes everyone to give skiing a go!  Well…maybe not grandpa or an infant baby, but pretty much anyone else that has a will to try.

The best part of Heavenly Mountain are the amazing views.  Maybe that’s why they named it Heavenly?  (That’s all I can say about it.  Words can’t describe it.  Go see for yourself!)

The other best part of Heavenly Mountain is the bottom!   (I just said the best parts of Heavenly Mountain Resort are the top and the bottom…but the middle part is where all the skiing happens and that’s pretty fun too!)

Creatively calling the bottom Heavenly Village was smart.  Because its home to some of the best eateries in Lake Tahoe. As well as within stumbling distance from several local resorts!  Click here to see Best Hotels at Heavenly Ski Resort, South Lake Tahoe, CA.

Heavenly Village has Basecamp Pizza, a yummy indoor/outdoor eatery that serves pizza so delicious, we went back 3 times in a row while we were there!  They have live music, heat lamps and sing a long nights (well…I thought they were….)

While on your trip to South Lake Tahoe, do not miss Fire & Ice.  It’s right inside the Marriott Timber Lodge!   Fire & Ice is an all-you-can-eat restaurant where you pick your food, bring it to this massive flat wok and the cook prepares your meal right in front of your eyes!

Stateline Brewery is another do not miss place that we did not miss at all!  We liked it so much (it was really the happy hour deals that caught us!) we visited over and over.  It is a bit tricky to find Stateline Brewery.  It’s located down a huge flight of stairs.  And as you exit be careful climbing up the spiral staircase they have located in the middle of the restaurant!  Very cool but after a night of partying maybe ask to spend the night?

I stayed at Lake Tahoe Resort!  Once an Embassy Suites hotel!   They have a restaurant called Echo that was delicious. If you stay here – please note: The do have free breakfast and free happy hour!

Also in Heaven Village is the Gondola. Purchase a ticket just to take a ride or you can use your life ticket.  Either way, make sure you watch that view!  If you don’t like heights, well….ride anyway.  It’s worth it!  But if you like scary things – ride it over and over!  It’s quite high and terrifying.  See the video at Scariest Ski Lift Ever – Heavenly Resort, Lake Tahoe, CA

The other great bit to note about The Heavenly Village?  Gambling is only a few steps away!  On the Nevada side!  Yes!  Heavenly sits on the CA side, and the casinos sit on Nevada’s border.  The border/stateline that separates these two states is uniquely called “Stateline!”

So if you have a kid-free open evening, or if you didn’t bring kids, take off your ski grub and visit the new Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. Well..don’t go naked. Put on clothes first.

The Hard Rock has an oyster bar, Steakhouse, world class casino, Hard Rock’s infamous collection of memorabilia and the Fire-Break Kitchen featuring 20 different beers on tap!  Can you say, “Wow?”

And of course let’s not forget to talk about the Lake.  Lake Tahoe?  It’s not just a name, it does exist.  (I grew up in Mount Prospect…and it wasn’t on a mountain…it was just a name)  So Lake Tahoe does indeed have a lake.  A massive lake.  191 square miles (122,200 acres) massive lake.  Want to drive around the whole lake?  Go for it!  It’s 72 miles!

Here’s what I like about South Lake Tahoe!

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