Villager Candle Making Best Kid Activity North Lake Tahoe

best activity in north lake tahoe

Don’t want to ski?  Don’t like to ski?  Need an activity to do after skiing?  Don’t miss making a memory – a CANDLE – after skiing or while others are skiing in North Lake Tahoe: Go straight to: Villager Candle!

Yes, everyone can purchase something to take home from their trip, but how awesome would it be to make something (a Memory!) to bring home, put on display and actually use?

That’s why I think making a candle on vacation is the best activity you or your kids can do!  Yes! Don’t buy a memory, make one!

At the Villager Candle Shop you can make your very own candle, with the colors you want and even a scent!  Or if candles aren’t your thing, you can paint a plate or other ceramic from their shelves full of choices! Adding your own words like, “Family Ski Trip 2018” or some future occassion and the date!  Whatever you want!  Or you can also stuff an animal (Fake of course!  That would be really creepy and I most likely wouldn’t be writing about that.)

FYI; The ceramics take a couple days to cook or process, so if your vacation is coming to an end, making a candle is a better idea cause you can take it home in less than 30 mins!

villager candleMy kids chose the candle making option (because I’m a candle freak and everyone wants to do something to give to me – right! HA!)  They picked the making a candle because there is so much to do right in front of them.  They have to pick the candle mold, cut the wax, pick the base color of the wax that flows around the big pieces and choose a scent!  Then after the employees pour in the hot wax into your mold, you get to drop it into the water bath.  Watch the video here!

The candle comes out and they actually take an iron to the sides to make sure it’s nice and smooth for you to take home! They wrap it up and off you go!  My kids were so excited they started plotting who they could make one for as a gift, or to sell or to open their own store.  Oh boy…much more than I though would come from that visit but at least it inspired them!

We left the Villager Candle with 2 delightfully scented beautiful candles (one vanilla, one cinnamon) and a big, fat, giant memory!  The candles have been home on our counter for a few months now and they still smell and look gorgeous!

A must-do with kids or adults if you are in North Lake Tahoe – spring, summer, winter or fall!

Get out there and make a memory!

To see it all in action, watch the video below!

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